Our Story

Anker is a multi-disciplined construction company, based in Paternoster, on the West Coast of South Africa. Renowned for building fine detailed prestigious homes for a discerning global customer base. Over the past two decades, Anker continues to provide a range of solutions from Property Development, Retail, Hospitality, Office and Industrial builds.

With an integrated approach of Concept, Design, Construction and Interior implementation, Anker lays the foundations for a long-term relationship with every customer, It’s this essence that forms the very DNA of this family-based enterprise.

Proudly Paternoster, Anker’s Team of Master Builders are over sixty strong and form the backbone of the single largest employer in this area. Deeply rooted in the Community, Anker has a Pride of Place and a proven heritage in the upliftment and sustainability of this West Coast village.

NHBRC Register Number: 1-41373291
ANKER TRUST IT 1381/2004